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We've been making pies for a long time, and we're always looking for ways to make work smarter not harder.
Thirty years ago we realized that we could make crust rolling much easier by having a perfectly sized round board to roll our pies out on. Wanting to spread the joy of pie we are now offering these made in the USA, hand-finished, hardwood maple boards for rolling out pies.

Works perfectly for a nine inch extra deep foil pan, and rolling on the elevated surface you can easily get a bench scraper under the dough to transfer your crust to your pan.

The board features two different sides, each with different size. The large side is perfect for a classic fluted single crust, or as the top crust for a heavily mounded double crust pies such as apple. We recommend using the small size for the bottom crust of double crust pies, and for double crust pies that aren't heavily mounded, such as our grape pies.
Watch the video below for a full demonstration!

The board comes in multiple sizes, use this handy pie chart to figure out which size will work best for you

Foil Pan
Extra Deep
Foil Pan
Glass or
Small 5-6inch    
Medium   8-9inch  
Large   9inch 9inch
Extra Large     9-10inch

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